I picked up a couple of items to add to my range bad this past week. The first item was the Butler Creek UpLULA Magazine Loader. I figured since I’m going to start shooting a lot more, I’m going to need to load mags a lot faster. I’ve heard this was a great tool so why not get one?

The other item I picked up was Fast Grip Hand Cream. I’ve seen lots of shooters use this. It helps keeps your hands from getting sweaty, allowing a faster and better grip on the firearm. I would think this is a must have item in the summer months.

Dummy rounds, also known as snap caps, are something I keep on hand as well. When I dry fire inside, I like to load snap caps in my magazines. These are also great to load in your mags with live rounds when you’re at the range because they help you train for malfunctions.

Target Pasters — a must have! While most ranges will provide target pasters when you’re shooting a match, you’ll have to provide your own when you are shooting on your own. Online retailers like Target Barn and MidwayUSA offer a variety of different pasters. Black, white, brown, circle and square, there’s a paster no matter what your choice of sport is.

CED 7000 Shot TImer

Timer – Having your own shot timer will make practicing easier (I made my own “beep” for the longest time and still had no idea how fast/slow I was shooting). I’m packing a CED 7000 Shot Timer. While I had a hard time justifying this expense, I can use it both on and off the range. On the range, it obviously counts my shot times. Off the range, I set the delay inside when I want to practice drawing from the holster when I’m dry-firing.

Batteries – My timer takes batteries and so do my electronic ear muffs. If I’m taking photos or video of my stages, I’m usually packing my Flip camera too. It’s always good to keep spare batteries for the electronics in your bag!

Just a Scratch

First Aid Supplies – having some first aid supplies in your bag is always a good idea. Bandages and antibiotic ointment are two must-haves. Remember when I got injured in Georgia from a ricochet? It was just a scratch, but it could have been a lot worse. Thankfully there was a first aid kit close by. After some Neosporin, a butterfly and a bandaid, I was back on the range.

Wet Wipes – When your at a match or practicing on the range, there isn’t always easy access to a restroom. During and after shooting, until you can wash your hands, you should never handle food, rub your eyes or touch your mouth because you more than likely have some gunpowder and lead residue on your hands. Touching your face or consuming food with dirty hands isn’t a good idea. Keeping wet wipes in your bag, or even in the car is a quick fix until you can get a good hand wash in.

Video Camera – when you want to learn from your mistakes, what better way to do that than with a video camera? I keep a little hand-held Flip camera in my bag and record my friends then they record me shooting a stage. It’s important to me to watch these videos because I can learn from my mistakes and know what not to do next time.

Last updated by Beth on October 27, 2012


5 Responses to Accessories

  1. Will have to try the Fast Grip. Last summer was unbearable and I did have a problem keeping a good grip on my gun. All really good ideas.

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  4. Chris says:

    I so agree with wet wipes. It was one of my most painful beginners mistakes to rub my eyes after a shoot. It was incredibly painful and took about an hour to clear! Ever since then I keep a small pack of wipes at the top of my gear bag just to make sure I don’t forget it.

  5. mark Levine says:

    I would suggest a bottle of no tears saline or better the a few single use pipes of saline. Very handy for flushing fod out of your eyes.

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