Eyes and Ears

You’ve Only Got One Pair….Better Take Care of Them!

Protecting your ears from the high decibels that a handgun can produce is extremely important.  A normal conversation typically takes place at 60 to 70 decibels.  At around 90 to 95 decibels, the potential for hearing loss can occur.  So while you may not think that 9mm Luger round is that loud, you are potentially causing damage to your ears.  You’ve only got one one set…better take care of them.

Check out the October 2010 issue of the NRA Shooting Sports USA  online magazine for a detailed article about a variety of different hearing protection products. 

You can also read about hearing protection on The Women’s Outdoor News Gear Court.  They had a little article written by…lemme think…who was that fabulous writer….oh wait…ME!  🙂  That’s right, I’m a “Gear Gal”.  I wrote a little piece about Custom Molded Ear Plugs.

The second line of defense I use when protecting my ears are the Pro Ears Pro Tac electronic muffs.  The NRR is rated at 25dB which will block out all the loud bangs while still amplifying the necessary noises like range commands.  You definitely don’t want to miss those.  Plus, and I’ve talked about this feature before,  they have a mini jack on either side that allows you to insert your iPod/MP3 player or similar device into the muffs so you can listen to them at the same time.  Makes these great for mowing in the spring and summer months! While you might be turned off because of the cost, you’re investing in a product that protects one of the most important senses that you have, your hearing.  If you’re a younger shooter, this is EXTREMELY important to you.  Yes, even rimfire rounds could damage your hearing over time to protect yourself.  If anything, you would be wearing the same electronic muffs as some of the top shooters in the industry like Dave Sevigny, who can get you a discount of 25% off if you click HERE.  Thanks for helping out Dave!


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