Inside the Range Bag


Kelli's Range Bag

The Voodoo Tactical Scorpion Range Bag is my absolute favorite pack I’ve ever had. Pictured is the gear I wear on my belt for most 3 Gun matches. My inner and outer belts are just simple Bianchi duty belts. I wear the inner belt all day then simply attach my outer belt with my gear on when I’m getting ready for a stage. My holster and mag pouches, including an AR pouch, are made by Comp-Tac Victory Gear and the holster is for my Glock 34. The shotgun shell caddies are made by Taccom Llc and they allow me to load 2 shells at a time. They are also available in a load 4 for those of you that have hands big enough to quad load. What Ya Say Hearing & Vision make the ear plugs that I choose to wear. They were specially molded to my ears and provide a tight fit that some foam plugs lack. I’ve also included a pair of leather gloves from Voodoo Tactical that I snipped off the fingers so that I can keep my hands warm but still feel comfortable manipulating the trigger in a safe manner.

Kelli's G34
Glock 34 9mm with Taran Tactical Innovations extended basepads, TractionGrips rubberized grips, Sentinal Design Llc Duty Magwell.

Doublestar Corp 3 Gun edition .223 rifle, CMC Trigger, Lantac USA Dragon Muzzle Brake, Burris Tac 30 optic.

FNH SLP Mk 1 Shotgun with XRAIL +4 Xtension tube, 12+1 rounds.
Voodoo Tactical 60″ Drag Bag



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