About Kelli

The daughter of a police officer, the girl that was dared to enter a shooting match before I even had a pistol of my own, the girl that now is mildly obsessed with guns & gear, that’s ME!


Shooting has become much more than just weekend fun. It’s a way to teach my nephews gun safety at an early age and show the non-believers that it’s okay for women to own guns.

I’ve been blessed to acquire the gear to shoot pistol and 3 Gun matches and one day I hope to be as talented as the women I shoot with. I couldn’t do it without my awesome sponsors Voodoo Tactical, Roth Concept Innovations, FrogLube, LanTac USA, Benchmade Knives, Animal Customs, AP Customs, What Ya Say Hearing Protection, Taccom Llc, Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Rubber City Armory and Warren Tactical.

I also Co-host a shooting Vlog show, The Shooters Mindset, with friends Anthony Cruz and Dustin Pluth. It is now a part of the Firearms Radio Network line of podcasts! You can catch it live on Wednesday nights at 8pm CST, available at the following link https://plus.google.com/+prchico520/posts

When I’m not shooting I love to travel, take pictures, and catch a live band. It is afterall, my longtime friend Mark Wills’ fault that I participate in shooting matches. Yes, he is the soul that dared me to enter my first match, the Bianchi Cup! That dare just developed into multi gun matches as well as hunting.

My hope for this blog venture is to inspire someone to learn weapon safety and get out and shoot. If not for sport, to protect themselves, their family and our Second Amendment rights!


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