About Us

Please take a peek at each of the pages for info on our fabulous writers.

Also, special thanks to our contributing photographers: Ralph Horne, Travis Duncan, Greg Skaz Photography and Dave Hufstedler.


4 Responses to About Us

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  2. Dan says:

    As the father of five girls all I can say is a big thumbs up. I have always thought being able to adequatly handle a firearm is a great moral booster to a girl or woman, regardless of whether the carry, compete or hunt. Thank you for your site and blazzing a path for others.

  3. Tamara Moore says:

    I love your blog here! I have been in the US Navy for 21 years, but only in the last five have I really found an interest in shooting. It is the same reason I started my blog – because I have so much to learn, but nothing gets me as excited as a day at the range. I really love when I get to shoot a weapon I have never tried before. I think I might be ready to dip my toe in the pool of competitive shooting, but it is intimidating. No matter, I want to do it because it would be more fun than just shooting and having the opportunity to be around so many other dedicated people with the same passion as me can only help me increase my skills over time.

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