Drake Gets Ready for Bow Season

Missouri bow season starts Sept. 15.

By now, you’ve probably fletched some arrows, practiced rattling the horns and picked out your monster buck in trail cam pics.

How many of you take your kids hunting with you?

My dad took me hunting with him a few times as a kid. I remember getting so excited heading out to the woods with him and helping him harvest his trophy each year.

In Trick or Treatthe latest tale from Drake’s Adventures, Drake and his dad get ready for their own hunt on Halloween.

Mwah, ha, haaaa! Just kidding! It’s not scary!


In the book, as Drake and his dad get their gear together, they look over trail cam pics one last time.

That’s when they see him—SPIDER!

Spider is the monster buck they’ve been tracking for a while, and knowing he might be where they guys are hunting the next day gets them really pumped up!

The next morning, Drake and his dad get everything set up for the hunt. What probably felt like hours into the morning, Spider eventually shows his face.

“And he looked mad!”

I won’t tell you how the rest of the story goes, so you’ll have to read it for yourself.

There are a couple of things I like most about this book:

  • Keith Beam goes into a lot of detail when discussing the importance of being scent free, something VERY important to deer hunting.
  • Like Spring Thunder, Trick or Treat uses detailed sounds to engage young readers, but it also had a button that will read the entire book to them.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s a spot on the side of the book for headphones, and all the parents said, “YESSSSS!!!”

One question I have for Keith—when does Drake actually get to pull the trigger/release the arrow for himself? The first two books, the dad gets to take the animal down. When does Drake get to take one down? 🙂

Maybe Drake and his sister, Cricket, will get the chance to pull the trigger in Drake’s next adventure, Cattail Point. Dad takes son and daughter mallard hunting. Let’s hope their crew has more luck with duck hunting than I do!

If you’re a bow hunter interested in teaching your kids more about bow hunting, pick up a copy of Trick or Treat today!


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