Meet The Real Taran Butler

National & World champion, first ever Multi-gun “Triple Crown” winner, entrepreneur, TV personality, chick magnet, trainer to the Hollywood stars and the ultimate shredding machine (with perfect hair). Will the real Taran Butler please stand up?

Much has been said about him, mostly true, yet none of these terms really define the man Taran Butler is. So in this short article I’ll try to acquaint you with the crazy loon he truly is. (with his blessing, of course)


Jacob Betswort, myself & Taran Butler at the 2014 3 Gun Nation Midwest Regional at Rockcasttle Shooting Center in KY. We had the most fun squad ever!

The first time I met Taran was back in June when I pulled up at his home in the valley just north of Hollywood. He had called me about a month or so before & told me he wants to sponsor me. I remember thinking: “What? Why? Are you kiddin’ me? Hell yeah!” Anyway, so I pulled up to his shop, totally nervous and unprepared but what followed completely changed my perception of the man.

Taran gave me a big ole hug, proceeded to equip me with a gun & ammo and took me to a local match with his buddies. Over the next couple of days he showed me great hospitality – trained with me, introduced me to a bunch of new friends and even showed me around LA. I had an amazing time and can’t wait to visit again!


Jeannie Bolda, me & Taran at the 2014 West Coast Steel Challenge in Piru, CA.

Since then he’s equipped me with some killer guns, talked me into several big matches I’d never have the guts to sign up for by myself and introduced me into the growing family of TTI staff & shooters.

As I got to know him more I found out he does a lot for the shooting sports – he brings new shooters to the range all the time, mentors them, and sponsors “no-name” people to help them get into the sport. One time I asked him: “So why did you decide to help me?”. His answer: “I sponsor good people who love to shoot.” Simple as that.

Another quality I admire in Mr. Butler is how down-to-earth & grounded he is. For someone who’s been in the public eye for so long and is constantly surounded by celebrities, top competitors and cameras, he has a very solid grip on what’s real in life – loyalty, friendships and the smell of gun powder!


Sightseeing around LA…

And what’s up with all the hot girls, many would ask? Very simple – women love Taran because he is nice to us, he treats us with respect, truly trains us, and gives us awesome guns. Plus, he’s just pure joy to be around. Taran’s “Ballistic Angels” is a thing although I’ve made the argument to rename us to simply “Taran’s Angels”. What every one of these women have in common (if you look past the physical beauty) is a fun personality, a kind heart and an undeniable love for shooting. His benefit – great marketing & people thinking he is a total player. 😉

The last observation I have is about how Taran treats his employees and friends – like family. He often talks about his mother, his brother John (who is super nice too), everyone that works at TTI and all the shooters he sponsors. He doesn’t talk about return on investment, conversion rates or revenue; he talks about human stories and the lives he’s become a part of… I wish more people measured success that way.

On any given day if you happen to be invited to visit TTI you can expect goofing off, a nurf gun war at the shop (my contribution to team building), a trip to the range (about 50 feet away), a talk about the latest block buster, and lots of laughter. I’m humbled to be a member of the extended TTI family and proud to call them friends.

So who is the real Taran Butler? He is a crazy fun “loon” who imitates Arnold & other celebrity voices, says stuff like “toopid” (read “stupid”), “I’ll slap you with a dead salmon” and “it’s the new way”. He is a business owner who’s trying to make a living just like the rest of us. He loves movies & taking random funny videos of people (see an example of his hilarious directorial work from my visit below). Last, but not least, he is a man who truly loves shooting & has a mission very similar to my own – to introduce shooting to everyone, make it popular & accessible to everybody, and to mainstream its acceptance in the US & world-wide.

Salute, my friend, rock on!


Your friendly neighborhood gun lady,


Funny video of us goofing off around the shop (yes, this is what happens when you ask “Hey, what’s in that safe?” at TTI – you find guns from movies):


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