Loading Airsoft Guns and Pistols: Guidelines and Steps

Here is a great article contributed by our reader Dana Smith. Hope you enjoy learning about airsoft guns as much as we did:

First and foremost, Airsoft guns are one of the most talked about in the firearms industry. Most people love the ease of handling that airsoft guns offer in case they are using ammunition for the very first time in their life. The good thing is that the airsoft guns and pistols are equally good for those have a good amount experience with guns. Another point to make is that, there is a range available when it comes to airsoft guns and pistols. And, there is a different way of operating all.

2013 Airsoft Pistols

Replica Airguns’ 2013 Airsoft Pistols

Let’s Begin with Spingers

The spring variety of airsoft guns is a high speed, high accuracy variety of Relica airsoft airguns, which can be used by all. Whether you are a professional or an amateur beginner, both can manage this variety. There are few reasons that make the spring guns an item of utility for both experienced and beginners. The reason is that the springers do not need gas, charging, batteries to operate. The only drawback is that those who own an electric gun should refrain from using a springer.


If you own an airsoft gun, here is the manual to loading the arm before you are ready to aim and fire. Understanding the gun type is the first step to handling it. The rest of the steps are mentioned as follows:

STEP 1: Separate the magazine from the gun. For doing this you will need to press the magazine release located either near the top of the magazine or on the hand grip in case of a pistol.In case of a high-cap magazine, there will be a door that you can slide to open, located at the top of the magazine. There would be a hole for the BBs to out from.

Step 2: You will now be required to use a speed loader and to put the end where the BBs come out of, into the opening. Thereafter, you will be required to press down on the lever. At a time, 3-4 3-4 BBs come out on press down the lever. You can now close the door, after having filled.

STEP 3: In case of a magazine without a high capacity, you need to stop if you feel any resistance or when you feel that no more BBs can fill inside. Filling pistols can be much more tricky because you will have to fill in one by one. You will be required to take one BB, put it in the hole on the magazine top, push it in and load. You will have to repeat one by one, until full.

STEP 4: For loading the magazine, you need to insert it with the end with the container where the BBs come out of. The ‘click’ voice indicates that the magazine has been fully and properly inserted.

Having loaded your airsoft guns and pistols, you are now ready to aim and fire. However, there are some safety guidelines that you must read for being able to properly operate these guns. Always remember to put the safety mode on prior to using the gun. This should be done even prior to loading the gun. Aiming at the target is done by adjusting the front sight with the rear sight. Next, turn off the safety. Control and normalize your breath and bring your heart beat to slower pace. Having aimed the target, and as you are controlling your breath, pull the trigger. Squeeze the trigger!

Well done on hitting your target in a single shot. And, even if you missed it, be patient that with every shot that you take, you will get better.

Dana Smith is an avid reader who also loves to write on various subjects. The latest that she is researching and learning about relates to arms and ammunition. Information about Airsoft guns seems to interest her as much as knowledge about knives and BB Air Guns. Keep reading more from Dana Smith and add to your knowledge base. Also, check out Replica Airguns’ website


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3 Responses to Loading Airsoft Guns and Pistols: Guidelines and Steps

  1. Caleb says:

    Airsoft guns are a great way to get comfortable with the feel of holding, carrying and shooting a gun. It is very good training before shooting and actual firearm.

  2. Nice topic brother. This airsoft guns are very nice and easy to use guns.

  3. Nice topic brother. This airsoft guns are very nice and easy to use guns

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